MH with K (GRet)

Many thanks for the training session, I really enjoyed it. K is exhausted. August 2020

JB with M(Lab)

I really enjoyed the session and we now have lots to practice in the coming months.
I look forward to seeing you again when M is a little older. January 2020

JS with T (FCR)

Thank you so much for the training this morning. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it! As you could tell this is a brand new adventure for both of us and who knows where it will lead, but whatever happens I will give it my best shot and we’ll enjoy the journey.  February 2019

AC with M (Cocker Spaniel)

Thank you so much for our session…., really enjoyed it, can’t wait to start practicing! February 2019

CS with F (German Pointer)

Thank you SO much for your time today. Both F & I learned loads & now we’re exhausted!      March 2018

JW and H (Wire Hair Hungarian Vizla)

Thank you, I really enjoyed this afternoon and came home with great hope that H and myself could work well together with your teaching and encouragement. After his great one-one with you I left him fast asleep and content .   Jan 2018

CS with M  (ESS)

Thank you so much for your session yesterday. It was a real pleasure to to meet you. Moreover, I thoroughly enjoyed it and really appreciated the time you spent with us. M, too I think, if his contented slumber for the rest of the day is anything to go by! Feb 2017

L with C  (Labrador)

Just a quick message to thank you for a great training session and all the useful advice I took away with me from that afternoon. I have really focused on the lead walking with ‘C’ and am pleased to report that it is going really well, a huge improvement, I am so pleased. Many thanks again, such an improvement. I’d lost my way, just needed clear instructions to focus on again. November 2016

R with F

Thank you so much for your help and guidance today, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I have, of course, been implementing the techniques you showed me (the ones I can remember!) and have noticed a huge difference in ‘F’s behaviour. His lead walking in particular has completely transformed! Training the trainer has had a great effect and I am very grateful to you for giving me the tools to progress and transform my relationship with ‘F’. September 2016