While we own six dogs we only compete with two;

Studebaker Bugatti is a stylish large dog – Already gaining six Field Trial awards – Including two wins. His pedigree is impressive! Click here to view. His mother competed three times at the IGL Championships, his father became a Field Trial Champion from novice within two months! Bugatti has the physical courage of a lion…but the good nature of pussy cat! He longs to please and is heart broken if he feels I am unhappy with his performance – he will always try harder to please me!


Studebaker Corvette is just like her Field Trial Champion mother! She won her first field trial and is looking like she will do a lot more! Corvette, while petite, is fast – in every way! To view her pedigree click here. Her passion is for retrieving and is determined to learn everything she is taught quickly and easily…however she is endowed with a natural ability that shines through! Her father has competed at the IGL Championships twice and was awarded second place in 2017.

IMG_0054 (2)

To view our stud dogs or see our breeding plans please see Champdogs.

Studebaker Dee Type ‘Jag’ is only a young dog, but is also super soft, and is often over looked by her more brave litter

sister. Jag is slow to train as she needs to be 110% sure she is doing the right ‘thing’. However she is a delight to be around

and I’m looking forward to years of fun with her.